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Choosing colours for your office

Decorating an office space can be a very exciting task, after all it is often the place we spend the most amount of time during the day. It can be very tempting to pick your favourite colours, however it is also important to bear in mind how the colours may affect your employees or anyone else working in the space. The psychology of colour can be very helpful when choosing office colours and the colours used can encourage a team to be motivated and productive. At Solid Works, we believe that the design of an office can affect staff’s motivation and productivity therefore we offer a comprehensive office refurbishment service to maximise morale. 

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  1. Green
    Green, the most common colour in nature, has been shown to improve efficiency and focus. It imparts harmony and balance and is good for those working long hours as it doesn't cause eye fatigue. 
  2. Blue
    A light shade of blue is a calming colour which also promotes communication and efficiency. It is a great choice for happier employees and helps them to focus on detail orientated tasks. 
  1. Red
    This choice will depend on the atmosphere you wish to have in your office, depending on what business you're in. Red is a powerful, intense colour, which can often be alarming in large amounts. It is best to use red if the job involves physical activity. If there is something in the office that you'd like to attract attention to, paint it red. 
  1. Yellow
    Yellow is the colour of optimism. It is believed to be best in environments where the employees need to be creative, such as designers, developers or writers, as it triggers innovation. 
  1. Red, Orange, Yellow
    To increase energy flow, try adding a small amount of red, orange or yellow somewhere in the space. This can also enhance productivity. 

Avoid using grey, black, white or other 'dull' colours. These colours lack energy and are not good for keeping a team's morale up. When choosing colours for the office, it can be beneficial to think about aspects such as the age of your clients, whether they are male or female and the type of business you are promoting. You can harness the power of colour to create the type of energy you're looking for in your office space and at Solid Works we can help you with that. Whether you just want to paint the walls, or give the office a whole new look, we have an expert team in place. We even use carbon-free paint for a healthier environment.
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