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Hot Tones for Cool Winters

Are you thinking of redecorating your home? One of the simplest ways to revamp your interior is to give it a fresh lick of paint. Whether you choose to focus on one room, such as the living room, kitchen or guest room or the whole interior, re-painting the walls is the quickest way to create individuality. In this article, home decorating experts Solid Works highlights five of this season’s hottest colours to make your home feel cosy, even in the coldest of winters. Click here for a quotation.


Grey might not be an obvious choice to evoke the feeling of warmth but it is definitely one of the most fashionable. Viewed as the new magnolia, it is a chic, timeless classic that goes with everything. Whether you have soft furnishings with earthy tones or brightly coloured accessories, grey provides the perfect backdrop. Shades vary from light grey with hints of yellow to blue greys and, for the biggest impact, darker tones with a tinge of brown.


Whether you live in a town house or an apartment, earthy reds are a homely option for living and dining areas. One way to decorate an interior with red walls is to choose furnishings and accessories in other autumn colours, such as browns, greens and yellows. Warm and welcoming, red suits both traditional and contemporary homes.


For something bolder and brighter, mustard offers a cheery burst of colour that is bound to brighten any winter evening. An upbeat and confident choice, it is ideal for hallways and living rooms. You can team this colour with grey, white or black furnishings; materials such as glass and chrome work well too.


Orange is another trend that will make your home look snug. Just as with burned red, a top tip is to match it with other autumn hues. If you would rather not paint the whole room orange, you can tone down the look with an accent wall.


Dark brown is a richer alternative to black and evokes a feeling of luxury. It provides a stunning backdrop to a dining room or bedroom and can be matched with creams, whites or reds for a sophisticated look to a home or office interior.

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