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How an Office Refurbishment Can Boost Staff Morale

It may surprise you to know that the design of an office can affect your staff’s motivation and productivity. If clients and prospects visit your office, then you also need to take them into consideration. At Solid Works we offer you a comprehensive office refurbishment service. In this article we outline some design tricks you can use to maximise morale. Click here to contact us for a quote

Natural Light

Natural light is so much better for your staff than artificial light. Artificial light can have a negative affect on your staff’s mood, whereas natural light can increase productivity. Have plenty of large windows installed and you could even consider fitting windows in the roof.


Your employees will work much better if they have plenty of space. Having an open office will help to foster better relationships between staff.

Colour Schemes

Different colours will have varying effects on your staff. Natural earthy colours will help to put your employees at ease and help them feel comfortable, where as bright colours will help staff to feel more energised.

Clean and Tidy Space

Maintaining a clean and tidy office will help to keep your staff happy. Clients, as well as staff, will be unimpressed with a dirty, cluttered office.

Environmentally Friendly

These days your staff and clients are likely to care about the environment. Therefore, having an eco-friendly environmental office will also serve to keep them happy.


Be sure to get input from all your staff. This will help them to feel involved and will increase their buy in to the design project. Be sure to keep your staff updated with the project and timescales involved.

Break Out Area

Your staff will be much more productive if they take regular breaks away from their desks. Ensure the new office design includes a break out area with comfortable chairs. You could also consider installing a TV or pool table.

As you can see from the points outlined in this article, your office environment is crucial to your staff’s satisfaction and motivation. At Solid Works we can help you to plan and implement a design that can help optimise your employee performance.
Office Refurbishment. Click here to contact us for a quote

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