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How to improve your office with Feng Shui

The art of Feng Shui (meaning 'wind' and 'water') is a Chinese system, an ancient complex knowledge, which reveals how we can balance the energy in any space, in turn harmonising people with their environment. Having positive energy within a workspace encourages you and your employees, to be creative and capable. At Solid Works our expert team can help you achieve a beautiful office space to get the best out of your team. The following Feng Shui tips will help create a vibrant and motivated energy in your office. 

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5 practical tips on bringing Feng Shui energy into your office space:

Air quality
In many businesses the quality of the air is somehow overlooked. We get used to poor air quality very quickly, however good air is vital for the wellbeing of the mind. The most simple way you can improve the air quality is to get some plants for the office - not only do they look fantastic, injecting some nature into the space; they contribute to removing indoor pollutants.

Improve the light
Boost mood, energy, and productivity by ensuring that the office space is properly lit. Natural light is nutrition, but many people are malnourished from not getting outside enough. Fluorescent lights have been shown to make people feel less alert and can even interfere with sleep quality. Consider installing 'full spectrum' lights which are more nourishing than fluorescent lights. 

Remove Clutter
A clutter-free space will allow energy to flow freely through the office. Clutter in any space does not contribute positively to one's emotional well-being and a messy space creates chaos rather than clarity. Having an organised space enables clear thinking and focus.

Desk Position
Consider the position of the desks in your office. The perfect desk position has a view of the main entrance, a wall behind and a window view. Ideally, for optimum energy flow, your employees should be able to see as much of the room as possible. This is believed to attract stronger and more successful energy.

Soft colours and inspiring images
Use colour to harness the creativity and talent of your team. Incorporate inspiring artwork to foster creativity and productivity. Soft colours such as sandstone, pale yellow or pale green are good Feng Shui colours, while white contributes towards increased focus. 

Incorporating Feng Shui ideas into your office can make a world of difference to the energy experienced within the space. Everyone wants to feel productive and efficient at work, so using these Feng Shui tips you can create an environment which supports the well-being and creativity of your team. At Solid Works our professional team is experienced in office refurbishment and we offer a comprehensive office refurbishment service you can use to maximise morale.

Feng Shui your office.
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