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Stone Walls & Fencing London

Our walling can truly bring a build to life, the walling can be either as a standalone wall, or it can be as a part of a larger job often within a driveway or as an extension to your property. The bricks are totally at the discretion of the client, they range from a traditional dusty red brick to a reclaimed heritage brick, they vary in price and finish, and we build both 4 and 9inch walls, which are finished with either a soldier course on top or for the thicker wall a brick on edge.
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Often the only thing needed by our clients in a garden to the back or front is some fence bays, either simply just changing the fence panels or erecting a whole bay including gravel boards and concrete posts. Fence panels come in a number of sizes from 3ft to 6ft adding the gravel board adds another 6inches or a foot to the total height, the fences themselves come in a number of different styles larch lap or feather edge being the most popular. Each bay is priced the same, so all you have to do is work out how many bays you need.

Whatever your landscaping needs we are here to help, Local, reliable and Efficient. We respect your home and property leaving them secure, clean and tidy.
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